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Determining Whether your iPhone is Real or Fake one?

With such a huge market share, the “iPhone is Real or Fake ” market is spreading day by day for unscrupulous phone manufacturers. Few earlier iPhone knock-offs are so badly manufactured that it is quite easy to differentiate a real and a fake iPhone. Well, over time, few of these fake iPhones cloned so well that they look quite similar to real one.  So, how will you judge the difference between a fake iPhone and a real one?

Below, iPhone Support Number professionals have jotted down tricks to find out this differences:

To check, the first thing is simply to have a check of its serial number. To do so, follow below steps that have been mentioned:

  • Click on the “Settings” icon.
  • The next thing will be to go to the “General” icon
  • Tap on the “About” icon
  • Scroll down and then, perform a proper check of the “Serial Number”.
  • Now, note down the serial number which you have. If it displays about an invalid numbers then, it is a signal that your iPhone is a fake one

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