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iTunes Connect is defined as a section where users are allowed to manage their App Store apps. Not only this but also, one can keep a track of their sales reports, manage the iTunes connect users as well as testers and various other such advanced tasks. Well, iTunes Tech Support expert team has written down few advantages below that users can do while working with iTunes connect.

Learn How do i Connect to my iTunes Account?

  • My Apps: With this, one can easily create all new applications and update the existing one. However, users can still create as well as edit app information, In-App Purchase data, metadata, clearance and lastly various pricing. Users can also place a request for Catalog Reports while letting them work with the Legal and Admin role
  • Agreements, Tax, and Banking: While one is using this advantage, users can have easy check on the status as well as the content of their current agreements. Also, one can request new agreements or amendments while providing them complete financial information.
  • Sales and Trends: User further can have a daily and weekly view on reports of sales as well as on all the current trends for their iTunes app.

How do i Connect to my iTunes Account

  • Payments and Financial Reports: This is one of the most preferred benefit one can have because it allows users to view and download their monthly payments including financial reports. One can easily keep a track of their last payment, amount owed by them, latest monthly earning details, unit sales report and lastly recent payment process.
  • Users and Roles: Adding as well as deletion of various data can easily be performed by users. Features such as TestFlight beta testers are easily accessible for them. Also it is possible for them to modify the roles cum notification settings.
  • Resources and Help: This is another great feature work on where users can easily get answers from other Apple developers, view various Apple video tutorials, read user guides with other documents.

So, this was all about iTunes Connect feature which is considered as one of the best thing to work with.

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