How to Move or Delete Apps in the 3D Touch of iPhone?

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Tips to Move or Delete Apps in the 3D Touch of iPhone 5, 5s, 6 6s 7 and 8

Deleting any application on your iPhone was quite an easy process unless iOS 10 was introduced in the market. Apple introduced its 3D Touch feature with the iPhone 6s as well as 6s Plus. It further encourage users to get access to the “Quick Action” app option from the Home screen. Let us say for example, users can quickly take a selfie mode by tapping the Camera app icon to access the “Take Selfie” option from the “3D Touch pop up” section. Well, if users press too hard while making an attempt to delete an app, they will have the 3D Touch Quick Action menu access easily.

Move or Delete Apps in the 3D Touch of iPhone

It is advised by iPhone Support Phone Number technical team that users have to press the third-party app which will not support the 3D Touch. Users here will now get access to fine line between deleting and app opening the “Quick Actions” on the Home screen. Users can still delete an app the same way you always have in their iOS device with the 3D Touch. Deleting any app will take a light approach while touching and holding the app icon which you wish to delete until it twists out. Press the “x” button to delete it completely. Press the app icon which will invoke the “Quick Actions” menu.

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