What is Stratum 1 Level Accuracy in Apple Watch?

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If we see then, Apple has full capability to source the Apple Watch time from 15 Stratum-1 level Network Time Servers across the globe. However, the Stratum-1 time servers are quite similar to Stratum-0, which is one of the primary source such as an atomic clock. The time delay accuracy shown between a Stratum-1 server and the Stratum-0 is usually considered less than 1 millisecond. According to the Apple Help professional team, the Apple Watch fetches time details from Stratum-1 servers while enabling Apple Watch time to Stratum-2 level. As said, Apple usually claims its watch details from Stratum-1 level accuracy method by almost 50 milliseconds or even less than that. So, this was all about Stratum-1 concept.

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