What Are The Types Of iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS ?

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Out of the box idea, if we see then, iPhone is incredibly easy to use with infinite working amenities. So, if anyone is searching for all types of services to work with then, they have come to the right place. We here will guide users about how to work with incredible Voice Control commands on the Apple iPhone 3G. However, the iPhone redefines how mobile phones are offering services these days. Below are top iPhone voice control commands listed by iPhone Support professionals with their functions:

Types Of iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS

  • CALL / DIAL voice command:
    Users simply need to say “call or dial” and then pronounce the contact name to call them. If there are more than one phone number with users then, they can follow the “HOME or MOBILE” option. Let us give you an example like: “Say call or just dial “speak a phone number to call appropriate number”.
  • PLAY / PLAY MUSIC voice command:
    It will start the music which will play in the iPod app. Let us say for example: Say PAUSE or PAUSE MUSIC, NEXT SONG or PREVIOUS SONG, SHUFFLE to easily control the play.
  • CANCEL voice command:
    Just work with the “cancel” icon to cancel the voice control after it has been activated. To make a correction, users are supposed to utter “WRONG, NOT THAT ONE, NOT THAT, or NOPE” words.
  • HELP voice command:
    This is especially appended to assist users with various instructions:

  Types Of iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS

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